Saturday, April 13, 2013

God is a God of Miracles!

Miracles.  In the dictionary, a miracle is defined as "an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God."  We have seen amazing miracles already in our adoption journey; we have seen the hand of God and have witnessed events only He could provide.

I want to share with you some of these miracles and to testify that our God is a God of miracles. Each event testifies that God is real, that He has all power, and that He loves His children.

Miracle #1:  We consider the first event a miracle.  The fact that we found Washington clear across the world could be nothing but a work of God.  7,698 miles separate us from Washington.  He was an orphan in Africa.  How was it that I was drawn to the very web site he would be listed on and "happened" to check on the very day he was on their front web page?  A coincidence?  I don't think so!   God loves this young boy so much that He orchestrated all things necessary for us to find him.  

Miracle #2:  Our whole family was drawn to Washington.  It was as if we knew him.  We recognized that he was to be a part of our family and it was unanimous.  We knew we needed him and that he needed us.  

Miracle #3:  We were given $5,000 by a generous family member to be able to start the adoption process and start it quickly.  She was at the temple and had an impression that our family needed money.  We are so blessed that she acted on her impression and donated. God knew what we needed and provided!  Because she was obedient, we were able to secure Washington as ours.  (God ALWAYS provides, but many times it is through others he takes care of our needs.) 

Miracle #4This miracle is so amazing that it is hard to tell without having tender emotions.  About a couple of weeks into the process, our home study agency called and said they realized that we would be "breaking birth order" (placing a child in the middle of the family vs. the end.) if we adopted Washington and it was their policy not to break birth order.    This is taken from my journal account:  

"I was SO devastated and heartbroken.  I was sobbing on the phone with our case worker and I asked her if there was any way I could talk to the director and tell her how much we needed Washington and how much I love him and wanted him to be in our family.  I think she sensed my heartbreak, so she promised to talk to the director the next day....  I was determined to fight on, but didn't know what to do."  

I remember sitting on my floor in my bedroom sobbing uncontrollably and feeling completely helpless.  I remember that all at once, I felt a comfort come over me and I knew with a sure knowledge that everything would be okay; that Washington was meant to be in our family that somehow Heaven would help make that happen.  I felt inspired to send a picture of our family for our case worker to show the director.  The next day the director called and asked me to tell my story.  She said that although they NEVER break birth order, she heard I had a compelling story to tell.  I told her everything, about how we wanted him, about how we knew he was ours, etc.  We had a lengthy phone conversation and at the end, she said that she felt that we indeed had a compelling story and that she was willing to take it to her complete team.  We fasted and prayed all weekend that their hearts would be softened and that this huge obstacle would be overcome.  We knew that if God could "part the Red Sea," He could do this miracle for us!
On Monday, I received an e-mail saying that the whole team met and were willing to waive their rule in our case!  They never normally break birth order, but God touched their hearts and a MIRACLE was performed!  I wrote in my journal:

"God is a God of miracles!  I am so amazed at the tender mercy and miracle Heavenly Father has performed in our behalf!  He is SO good to us and I will praise His name forever."

Since then, other small and quiet miracles have also happened and I will share details about them another day.  I think if we actively look for them, miracles are all around and we may witness them every day.

 I love my Heavenly Father and I am amazed at His love, mercy and devotion towards His children.  I am so grateful that He loves us enough to provide miracles in our behalf.  I testify that miracles are real and still abound!  :)

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  1. I'm SO excited to hear all about your journey! :D I was stoked to see that Washington was chosen after I had seen him on RR and had been praying for him specifically! Sooooo stoked! :D God is truly amazing and I will continue to pray for you during your adoption process and follow your blog! :) God bless! <3, Christiana